Tuesday, September 25, 2012

Lessons for Lunch

10 things I learned while making my 2 year old lunch today. 

1. I LOVE bread, too much, but somehow peanut butter tastes so much better by the finger full than it does on bread.

2. Peanut butter tastes even better on chocolate.

3. We are almost out of Jelly... again! 

4. I have GOT to stop buying MY favorite kind of chips for my kid's lunch. 

5. I am not near as tempted by apple slices as I am chips. 

6. While buying the jumbo jar of peanut butter is more economical and lasts longer there is not a butter knife on this planet that is long enough to scrape the bottom of that jumbo jar. 

7. If you sit down on the couch to have a phone conversation in the middle of making your 2 year old lunch she will not appreciate it. 

8. Talking on the phone while clanging around in the kitchen will only fool a 2 year old for so long. 

9. Taking away your 2 year olds plate after putting it in front of her so you can take a picture of it for your blog post... also not appreciated! 

10. Seriously, how are we going through the jelly this fast?!

P.S. I LOVE comments! Please don't be shy!


  1. Lol, love this post and can sooooo relate! We had a few fits during lunch today! I'm never fast enough, choose the right meal, or provide enough sweet stuff...ya know what I mean!?

    Thanks for stopping by the blog! Accountability stinks sometimes, doesn't it!?


  2. Hey Roo - I think your calling along with being a wife and mommy should be that of stand up comedian. You always crack me up. thanks for the light hearted comic relief from the normalness of today. Love you.


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