Friday, November 9, 2012

All My Little Lovies

  • I love how my kids say things like, "Back when I was five..." You mean like 6 months ago?
  • I love how when I make my kids sit on the couch and hold hands because they are fighting, 5 minutes later I am having to get on to them because they are sitting on the couch, holding hands and laughing hysterically. (works every time)
  • I love how incredibly loudly my kids talk in the car and then when they are saying something to me from the back of the van they are incapable of talking above a whisper. 
  • I love that my daughter was so excited to get to sing "The Star Strangled Banner" over the PA at school today.
  • I love how one of my sons needs to be hugged 18 times a day to feel loved while the other son responds better to a punch on the arm (To him that's like a hug.)
  • I love that when my kids play house I ALWAYS have to be Grandma.
  • I love that the ONLY time my kids ever remember to flush the toilet is when I am in the shower.
  • I love finding poop in an unflushed toilet but no sign of toilet paper.
  • And how could I not love these gorgeous faces! 

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