Friday, November 2, 2012

If Patience Is A Virtue, I Don't Want To Be Virtuous

Our family doctor thought a few weeks ago that all the crazy bizarre symptoms I have been having (click here to if you want to catch up) were starting to sound like they might be more neurological than rheumatological. So in addition to the check ups with the rheumatologist I started seeing a neurologist. She did an exam and ordered a nerve study and muscle study. I waited a week, went back to the office, had the nerve study. Then waited 6 more days, went back for a muscle study and results from both. She said my nerves are beautiful (what do you know, I really am beautiful from the inside out) ;) My muscle study was normal on the machine. AND she told me three times how strong my arm muscles are (please pass along that last bit of info to all who know me, I really think that kind of thing just needs to be shared... Sarah Brook's has confirmation from a doctor, NICE ARM MUSCLES!) But in the midst of the muscle study my arm started doing the funky muscle jerk my muscles do. The neurologist saw it, and then tried to get it to happen again. She could make the arm muscle relax and contract by pushing on my elbow. This was frustrating to her as it was not showing up on the study but she could see it happening with her own eyes.

She decided to order an MRI of the neck (interesting experience, you can read about that here). Had to wait another 6 days to do that. Waited patiently all this week to hear those results. I finally called her office today to find out if they had seen the MRI yet. The nurse called back and said they do have the results, she definitely sees some issues with my neck but wants to see the actual films. They will call me when they get those. Hmph! More waiting. I have to say I am getting better at waiting. However, if all of this has just been so God could to teach me patience I'd rather learn the lesson in a line, maybe at Disney World, or a pizza buffet!

(if the neck issues do not explain the majority of my symptoms next up is an MRI of the brain. Oh... and more waiting.)

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