Tuesday, November 6, 2012

The Final Answer

Is anybody besides me sick of hearing about my “medical problems”? Maybe this will be the last time for awhile. I have done so much griping here about it that I thought I should at least share some good news for a change. 

After 5 months of joint pain, muscle pain, muscle weakness, tremors, muscle jerks, and fatigue, we seem to be making progress and getting answers. It only took 1 family doctor, 2 specialists, 12 vials of blood, 3 x-rays, 4 different medications, a nerve study, a muscle study a few thousand dollars and an MRI to come to 1 very simple conclusion. I have a herniated disc that is putting pressure on the spinal cord. This in turn makes for some angry nerves and explains just about everything. I am kind of wishing we had worked backwards and started with the neurologist and MRI. 

I am waiting for a consult with a Neurosurgeon in San Antonio to see what needs to be done. In the mean time I am supposed to avoid activities above eye level. Umm... I’m 4’10” unless I am tying my shoes it’s pretty much all above eye level. (actually she said to try to keep my neck in a neutral position) I am also suppose to avoid accidents like falling which is really going to put a cramp in my style. But I’ll do my best.

Though the thought of surgery of any kind, I HATE having surgery, does not sound very fun. Especially not fun when you are allergic to nearly every pain killer known to man. I love the idea of this being such a simple fix. No life long medications, no scary diseases, no life altering conditions! Thank you Jesus! The neurologist was not 100% sure but felt fairly confident that this could be our answer. And who knows, maybe the surgeon will decide surgery isn’t needed and some sort of physical therapy would be beneficial. 

Either way, yay for answers and doctors who are willing and desire to help patients and get to the bottom of things!

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