Tuesday, November 20, 2012

Why I Will Never Be At The Cool Table

Why I will never be at the cool table...

  1. I make obnoxious jokes to help ease tension when people are upset
  2. I will forever look like I am twelve. Oddly enough when I was twelve I was the oldest girl in the class and therefor more physically "mature" which, at twelve, makes you uncool.
  3. I stopped physically "maturing" at age 13
  4. I make obnoxious jokes when I am nervous.
  5. I make more obnoxious jokes once I am comfortable in a situation.
  6.  I was a pastor's kid growing up.
  7. Despite all of my efforts I married a pastor in the making (who has been involved in some form of ministry most of our marriage).
  8. I have Groucho Marx eyebrows on barbie's face.
  9. I have JLo's rear end on Peter Pan's body.
  10. I was homeschooled from Junior High to graduation which made me a bit of an outcast.
  11. These days I don't homeschool my children which, guess what, makes me a bit of an outcast. (I know, seems backwards to me too.)
  12. I'm 4'10... and 1/4" - - -  I can't even see over people's heads to find the cool table.

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