Wednesday, January 30, 2013

A Pity Party and A Link Up Pary!

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Time-out-mom-devotions-Becky-KopitzkeBecky from Time Out: Devotions For Moms (eek, even the name of her blog is adorable... I love it). Our hearts seem so similar, in seeing God in the details of everyday. I love how God speaks to her through her children and am captivated by the way she is able to put it all into such beautiful practical words. A lovely (and oh so cute) example of this is Becky's post from last week: When Left To Their Own Devices 

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Here is my post for today or just skip on down to the link up party if you want:

I so wanted today's post to be funny and cute, but, I've been in a funk lately. A big one! And I just can't think of anything cute to say. My feelings have ranged from Poor Me, to Where's God, to What About Me, and a few other obnoxious self centered things. I have tried to read my way out of it (the bible, devotionals, bible studies). Pray my way out of it, blog my way out of it, talk my way out of it (pep  talks, encouraging myself in the Lord, and so on...)

Ugh, I'm still here, still stuck in my pitiful funk! 

What I have not done is change my focus. 

I have worked on changing my thought pattern but not my focus. It has remained singular... ME! I have read all those devotionals, bible studies, and bible verses in hopes that God would speak to ME! I have prayed for God to help ME! I've blogged about how I need to change. And what have I talked about in my little pep talks? ME! How I need to think differently about MY life!

We all know that Matthew 6:33 says, But seek first his kingdom and his righteousness, and  all these things will be given to you as well. Honestly, I just have not been in the mood to do it. Nobody knows how discouraged I am, how sad I am, how lousy I have felt. How am I suppose to get up and seek his kingdom when I need so much help myself? 

But there is great hope in the promise - all these things will be given to you... 

All those things - those self fulfilling things that I have been seeking in my quiet times and throughout my day - I don't have to. I don't have to search for the comfort, find my way out of the self pity. I've got somebody who is intimately aware of how I feel, physically. He knows the aching of my heart, He's so aware. 

In a blog post a few months ago I talked about how easy it is to trust my husband to lead me. He has proven himself to me. What is very best for Sarah is at the center of his every action. I don't have to focus on my needs. Jarrod is already on it. It frees me up to focus on his. And this is all true. And I love Jarrod for this. He does take care of me in every way he humanly can. But only so much as what he is aware of. Only the things man can accomplish. But Jesus, he knows it all, sees it all, participates with me, in all of it. He can and will "fix" it. Fix me. While I allow Him to work on me... well that frees me up to seek first his kingdom - the lost, the hurting. Those who still need to be brought into His Kingdom and those who are there. And His righteousness - his goodness, his kindness, his unconditional love. Seek to be like Him in his righteousness. 

So, I'll try to shut down my party and move on to something so much bigger than ME! But how comforting to know somebody else will still be focusing on the little speck that is Sarah Brooks, her heart, her health, her frustration, and discouragement...

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