Thursday, January 31, 2013

Blogiversary And My First Ever Giveaway!!!

Happy Birthday to Bloggling Brooks!!!! It's my 5 year Blogiversary! I was talking on the phone with my dad 5 years ago, he had read a couple of things I had posted on Myspace (Yeah, remember Myspace? That was only 5 years ago.) in my journal thing. Then he saw a news program, or something like that, about a woman who was making a fortune through blogging. My daddy knew my passion for writing so he suggested I start blogging... and so here I am 5 years later, still glad I listened to my dad. This has been a blast. I took a long break between 2010 and 2012, but God drew me back to writing right before He was to turn my little world a little cattywompas. I think blogging this year has kept me upright and moving forward - because through writing I am usually forced to look at my world and see the God moments - where He is, what He is doing - the humor, the fun! Here are a few highlights from the last 5 years. And then, I'm giving away a gift for my birthday/anniversary. My first ever Blog Giveaway! But I'm getting ahead of myself, highlights first. 

There, of course, was the first ever post - back in 2008 (ah, still in my 20s, so young and foolish - pure bliss) The Humbling Of A Super Mom. Then there was a personal favorite that rang so true at the time, also from the early days, With Blog Comes Paranoia. Number 3 on the charts for my most popular posts ever was actually something I posted that was written by my mother-in-law. She was an amazing writer, truly, truly gifted. She passed away around the time I started blogging but I have no doubt she would have been one of my biggest fans - because she loved that we shared a passion for writing and I swear I could have written the word "slug" and she would have told me nobody had ever written it finer. :) I love this story she wrote about a couple of my kids (to whom she was Noni) and obviously you did to because there it sits at number 3 of my most read: Photostory Friday And A Hep' Me Dada Moment With Noni. Another favorite from 2008 is a short and oh so sweet story about my oh so sweet mom, as she enjoys one of the greatest experiences of her life: One Big Push For Mom, One Huge Leap For Nana. Another short one, that has always been a personal favorite: The Real Truth. And because it would not be blogging fun without a post containing the ick factor, comes: Bath Time Fine. There was the "come back" post from when I started blogging again last year and an obsession began: Out Of Control Faith. The post from last year that I still can't read without weeping: The Choice... No Matter What. The one that, I think, might be my own favorite: A Mother's Heart Must Sometimes Take A Second Look. I enjoyed the entire season of writing my way through reading Psalms. I personally LOVE all the marriage posts, and "our story" and our "other story" - because I happen to be married to an amazing man. If it's about Jarrod, It's gonna be good stuff. There is the one, in fact the ONLY ONE that I think all the people I respect most in my church congregation have read... and there could not be a more humiliating light to be seen in: My Christmas Ev-il. The poem that God has used as perhaps the theme for the year so far. He has taught me and retaught me through these few simple words. I have no doubt He will bring me back to them many more times: Let Me Be. Last but not least, the one that proves it is all about the name - because in 2 weeks it is in 4th place for most viewed posts on my blog. That means in 2 weeks more people clicked on and read this post than 99 other posts lagging behind from 5 years ago and a small mess of others from the 4 years in between Apparently people just can't help clicking on a title like: Stupid Ugly People

And now for the giveaway, A Hooded Towel 


Made humbly, and very much NOT professionally, but with love, by me. (Adorable model not, absolutely under any circumstances, included! She's ALL MINE!) The winner will have their choice of blue or pink (and the option to have a name embroidered on the towel). I will contact the winner, which will be chosen randomly through a random choice generator, via email to get shipping details and your color choice. 

To enter the contest leave a comment comment (be sure to include your email address). For multiple entries, facebook, tweet, pin or blog about this contest and leave me additional comments so I know you have done so. The contest ends at 8pm (cst) on Thursday, February 7th. Your name will be entered into the generator according to the number of times you have entered and the winner will be announced right here next week, Friday, February 8th. 

These towels make great gifts, so if you don't have a small child of your own - keep in mind those, nieces, nephews, grandkids or any other little person in your life that puts a smile on your face. They are full sized and nice and soft! If you are interested in purchasing a towel go here.

Now, I'd love to hear what your favorite blog post was. Have some fun, fill out the poll below:

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Or leave a comment comment and tell me about another favorite. Thanks for stopping by and celebrating with me today! I've had fun. I hope you have too! Don't forget about the contest. Leave a comment comment (be sure to include your email address) - Share this post through facebook, twitter, pinterest or your blog (or any other way you'd like, be creative) and leave another comment  - and check back next friday to find out who won! P.S. If you are unable to comment (I get the occasional complaint from somebody who couldn't get it to work) please email me (email tab bellow or on the right). Or find me on facebook (you'll find the link on the right).
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