Wednesday, January 23, 2013

Is There Something In My Eye?

self-right·eous [self-rahy-chuh s, self-] adjective
confident of one's own righteousness, especially when smugly moralistic and intolerant of the opinions and behavior of others.

Sar·ah [sair-uh]

Ok, not really. Sarah actually means princess, but this Sarah is one very self righteous princess. 

I found this out a few days ago while sitting in the driver's seat of my van.
I was waiting behind a suburban, both of us hoping for an opportunity to turn left at a green light. The cars just kept flowing across from us. I settled back in my chair, confident we would not get our turn and would have to wait for the next green arrow. Sure enough there was not a break in traffic until the light turned red. This was the moment the suburban chose to go for it. Turned left then and there, red light and all! 

"Well!" I thought, or more likely grumbled out loud, "Where is the cop when you need one?"

You know where that cop was? I few miles away, on a long stretch of road that I was driving down at 45 miles an hour while thinking, "I wonder what the speed limit is? Hmm, not sure... probably somewhere around 45 mph. I'll just drive at that speed until I see a sign." Or, as it turned out, until I see a police car. That slowed me down pretty quick. Thankfully I was not pulled over and about one quarter of a mile later I passed a sign that declared the speed limit to be 45. But I hadn't known for sure. I just made up my mind how fast I wanted to go and hoped to not get caught. Yep, I totally agree with what you are thinking, that's not much different than bending the rule and making a left hand turn a few seconds after you are legally allowed to - all the while hoping you won't get caught.

Sadly, I do this kind of thing all the time! A little judgy judgy here,  a smug attitude there, throw some "holier than thou" into the mix and you pretty much have a day in the life of me. I LOVE the thing I see going around facebook lately 

Or at least I use to like it... 

I am a couple of chapters into a fabulous book right now. Rest assured you will be hearing about some of the things I have learned from the book in the future. It's SO good. The author was talking about praying for God to change her spouse. In the midst of it God showed her she was the one who needed to change. 

I did not make New Year's Resolutions this year but am quickly seeing the need for weekly, sometimes daily resolutions. Today's, this weeks, likely a life long process for me is to work at this great big plank in my eye (Matthew 7:5) and the effort it is going to take to remove it. And to stop focusing on everybody else's "sin". It may look different than mine, sometimes not even that different, but it's not mine to deal with, fix, or judge. At least not until I fix my own... and I do not see that work being finished any time soon. 

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