Monday, January 7, 2013

Pet Cemetery, Limited Space

Ever have one of those weeks where you kill an alarming number of family pets? No? Just me? Good to know!

A couple of years ago I really wanted a puppy. My husband is NOT a pet person. He is a Sarah person though so it hardly took any whining at all on my part before he surprised us with a sweet little 6 week old Borgi, with one stipulation. -
if the dog gets sick we are not taking him to the vet or spending any large amounts of money on him to make him well. That was fine, he was absolutely perfect and he was all ours! 

A Brand New Moby! Isn't He Cute?

I found out a long time ago, when our oldest was born and I had a porch full of beautiful potted flowers, I am a ding-bat and can either keep plants alive or my children alive but I am incapable of doing both. I wisely chose my children and let the plants go. So when our puppy, Moby, came to live with us I decided our hamster, Fancy Nancy, was going to have to live somewhere else. My friend's kids had had their eye on Fancy for awhile so I asked Joanie if they wanted her. She said, "yes",  her kids were very excited! The night before we were going to give Fancy Nancy away I thought I'd be a good friend and clean out her cage. I put her in her little ball and got the hamster home sparkling once again. An hour after returning her to the cage she was as dead as road kill! I felt horrible - I had promised her to two happy children and then managed to kill her before I could deliver. In a text to Joanie the next day I explained what had happened and offered to replace Fancy Nancy. Despite the fact that it was completely dishonest and against all that I thought was right I even said that we could just switch out the dead hamster for a live one and the kids would never know. Unfortunately Joanie's daughter got to the phone before her mother and my attempt at sneaky deception was discovered. They wanted a replacement non the less. So I picked up a new hamster a few days later in San Antonio and guarded it with my own life the whole way home. New rodent was safely deposited into old rodent's cage. I let Joanie know I would make the delivery after school, but an hour later we had another stiff, dead pet on our hands. The second one that week! Instead of delivering a new pet to our friends home, I got to deliver more bad news. Joanie decided perhaps it wasn't the best idea for them to have a new hamster after all and I felt terrible. 

On a Sunday evening, only a few days after the hamster debacle of 2010 our puppy started acting sick. He was not eating and was extremely lethargic. Jarrod had already left to prepare for youth group. I called him to tell him Moby was sick. Guess who, out of love for his wife and kids, suggested we take this dog to the vet? What a guy! 

A couple of hours, and $300 later Moby had been seen by the veterinarian, been diagnosed with pinworms and given treatments. But the sweetest puppy I have ever met did not make it much longer. A few hours later we watched him die. The hamsters, though I felt bad for all children involved, did not really bother me too much. Moby on the other hand, that one kind of deflated me for a while. It was a crazy week, and even a little comical, but I liked that little puppy... a whole lot! We tried again a few weeks later. Upon several suggestions that we get right back on the horse, I found us another puppy, a rescue dog. Though Sampson was adorable it was not the same. We found out we were moving a few months later. My sister-in-law and brother-in-law took him and he has been fantastically happy, not to mention still alive, at their house ever since. 

Since then I have managed to kill several plants, even an ornamental plum tree we had had for 8 years - it had survived 5 moves, many freezes and a whole lot of neglect. And then I killed that too, I don't even know how. I am happy to say though, no animals have died by my hands - not so much as a squirrel on the road. 

That's it, no big life lessons, no glaring revelations (except perhaps not to think of me when needing a pet sitter). It was one of the most unique experiences of our lives and I couldn't help but share it with you! Aren't you glad?
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