Wednesday, February 27, 2013

Simplicity and Joy

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I had a fabulous dream last night.  In my dream I found a white circular laundry basket full of socks with no mates. Now I realize this sounds like every woman's worst nightmare but hang in here with me... After stumbling upon this basket of socks I took it to my room to be sorted out later. There in my bed room was another white circular laundry basket also full of socks with no mates. And they all matched up with the socks I had just found!!!!!!!! Everyone of them were paired up and put away. Not one destitute sock could be found in my house! I literally woke up smiling. To some of you this may sound a little absurd. But some of you get how truly fabulous this sounds, right?! 

I recently started clipping coupons, a friend brought me a bunch and I sorted cut and sorted again. It took me three hours to buy groceries trying to find just the right brand and size. On the way home I felt absolutely gitty. In the back end of my van were all kinds of little splurges. New cleaning supplies, a different kind of soap. My own little guilty pleasure that I only occasionally indulge in... fabric softener. I thought it was a little silly to be getting so excited about something so small. But I really was. 

Between that and my dream last night I was beginning to wonder if perhaps I was losing it. As I am sure you are beginning to wonder yourself. But I have found myself smiling through my day today with a realization. I am one lucky girl! I have what lots of people spend their lives searching for, true joy and contentment. I have the desires of my heart. It may seem like simple things - bathroom cleaners and soap,  but it is really so much bigger than that. Not so very long ago I was in a much different place. Wondering what in the world there was in this life - in my life, if anything, beyond diapers, and conversations with toddlers, and peanut butter sandwiches.  And you know what, in my life right now, there isn't. But this is what I spent years longing for. As a young girl I wanted nothing more than to be a wife and mommy - praying faithfully for my future husband, daydreaming about pigtails and dirty little hands. And I am here, and I have got it. God has blessed me beyond all measure with everything I asked for. Then He went one step further and taught me to take great delight in it. So you see I am not really some crazy lady fantasizing in the subconscious about a world with no miss matched socks. I am the daughter of the King having been handed a great inheritance and I get to be out right frivolous with it. Why not get excited about the joys of motherhood. The small ones, the big ones. All of this was entrusted to me by the one who knew I would hate early mornings, would make a mess of the simplest meal, and would lose my patience over one too many knock knock jokes. And yet He blessed me anyway. So there is joy in the simplicity of a good bargain on cascade, in a basket full of clean sheets, in having taught a person to tie their shoes, in first crushes, in secrets, in "I love yous", in "I need yous", in "I want yous". And I intend to continue to delight in every one of those simplicities. 

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