Tuesday, March 26, 2013

I'm Content, But Only If...

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I pride myself on being a very content person. And by pride I do mean the type that cometh before destruction (Proverbs 16:18)

Today was a decent day and then a few hiccups as it went on. A frustration here, a disappointment there and I spent the evening in my kitchen thinking it all through (this seems to be where I do all my deepest thinking). And I had an epiphany followed by a revelation (I know, I'm telling you DEEP thinking goes on in that kitchen. It's a shame really good cooking never goes on in there.) 

I am a daydreamer. I am always looking forward to better things to come! And so it was in the midst of that looking forward tonight that I became very aware, "This is how I keep myself 'content'". By thinking "things are going to get better than this." This was my epiphany

Then the Lord asked me, as clear as if he was standing in my kitchen, "What if it doesn't get any better, what if this is the best there is?" If that were the case, if I knew that that was it would I still be Suzy Sunshine? Can I really keep considering this true contentment? This was lesson number 1.

The next thought was this, “If this was my life, no great riches in our future, if there was not a mansion just waiting for us to move in, if my husband always had to work long hard hours so we could squeak by - and I decided that that was ok, God was still good and I was still blessed - then I would have arrived. I would be somebody who was truly satisfied. 

But that would mean, ball in my court, I had all the power, I was doing it on my own. Though that sounds kind of nice sometimes, I have done things that way before and it never ends pretty. 

Oh but my good Lord has gone ahead and made a way for me to rest and be completely fulfilled - in Him, because of him. tweet this 

It all gets better than this - so much better! Whether here on earth or one day in heaven. This was not the plan. I am blessed, I do have it VERY good. But the best? That’s still coming, riches, mansions... it’s all there! We’ll call this lesson number 2.

I do want to be suzy sunshine. No, I want to be Sarah Sunshine... so much so that they rename it after me! I want to declare that He is still good even if life on earth is just a dingy old waiting room. He has prepared something better than my farthest fetched daydream could ever conjure up. (John 14:1-4). 

In that goodness that only God can portray, He kept right on teaching me. Stay tuned next week for lesson number 3.

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