Thursday, April 4, 2013

Full Dressers Full Heart

Yesterday was new clothes day!!!! Jarrod pulled out A LOT of boxes from storage and I spent several hours sorting through, boxing up, and bagging up old fall/winter clothes to make room for spring/summer apparel! By the time the kids got home from school their drawers were filled with entirely "new" wardrobes. They always get very excited when this happens twice a year. There was a fashion show, yelps, hoots and hollers as they looked through and unfolded, I might add nearly every item in every drawer. 

During the girl's fashion show Hannah would come
strike a pose and ask, "Do I look adorable?"

I too, am overwhelmingly pleased two times a year when I fill dressers full to the brim. My kids grow so fast, I was warned this would happen but seriously, SO FAST! Weather changes, yes even here in Texas - we at least go from warm to scorching. And society dictates that my children not run around naked. I see no way that we would be able to keep up with the ever present need for more and more and more shorts and shirts and pants...(oh my) 

However in 8 years of growing children and changing seasons we have "had" to buy a very few items. Every year, every season without fail our (nearly) every need has been met in the clothing department (Ha, get it? Department! Tehehe) Cousins, friends, strangers pass along hand-me-downs to us. At times our storage unit is busting at the seems with next seasons apparel, just waiting to be worn. Other times I have sorted out a couple of very meager piles, sighed and commented to Jarrod that we may actually have to purchase a few things this year. But always, always God shows up and shows off. I'll get a phone call from my sister or sister-in-law, "Do you need anything for the kids? I am about to get rid of old stuff." Bags of clothing show up on our door step... it's amazing, a blessing and over the years something we have come to expect! 

I get this warm embrace from the giver of all good gifts (James 1:17), every spring and fall. And then a loving peck on the cheek from Him while I watch my kids celebrate, with utter joy, their "new" wardrobe! 

I use to love when the children were younger, everytime I'd put something new on them they would ask excitedly, not where is this from, but "who is this from?". A reminder to a young mommy who was learning to trust her heavenly father for everything. He does provide! 

Thank you Lord for supplying our every need according to your riches in Christ Jesus! (Philippians 4:19)

(Once He even provided us with a gift card a very cool story, read about it here)

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