Tuesday, April 9, 2013

When God Says No More

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What is God's plan and purpose for my life? Who is He calling Sarah Brooks to be? 

Kelly Minter, author of Nehemiah, A Heart That Can Break -  the bible study I am doing right now, got me thinking about theses questions? The answer is, well I'm not 100% sure of the answer, but I feel I am tiptoeing slowly,very slowly towards a rough outline of His plan. 

I love that I can say with confidence what the first two items on this outline are. Being Jarrod's wife, not just living with that title but actually being a partner. And second being mommy to my precious, crazy children! 

In my bible study Kelly said,
...Kirk recently encouraged me to draw up a vision statement for my personal life and ministry. He explained that when you clarify who God created you to be and what He wants you to do, you can more easily determine what opportunities fit into that vision and which ones don't.

I have filled my days with lots of different things lately, sewing, friends, blogging, kids, date nights, resting, cleaning... None of them bad, all of them certainly have their place. But are they all leading me towards God's ultimately plan for my life? 

Though I do not know all the details of God's ministry through me, I have a few ideas of what He desires of me right now. And when looking through a biblical lens at being a wife and mommy I can form a few conclusions. 

With this in mind I sat down and made a list of priorities. Some of what I am already doing were right there at the top of this list. Others, didn't even make onto the page. I am realizing if I spread myself too thin I am really not giving near enough to anything. 

On this list of priorities, blogging, did not make the cut. I feel like God is telling me to lay it down. This was a bit of a surprise to me, and honestly a little bitter sweet. I love to write! And I feel like after 3  years of doing this, I am just now starting to build a bit of community among some fellow bloggers. But then I felt relief. It washed over me like hot shower water on aching muscles. What use to be a sweet conversation between me and my heavenly father, typed onto a keyboard and brining new revelation to my life - has now become a struggle, a labor that takes up hours and produces little change within me. 

I am not sure if this will just be for a season or if God will ever lead me back to this on a regular bases. But freeing up hours in my day to focus on my walk with God, my children, my husband and my home is something that has too long been ignored. I have made a commitment to What He's Done Wednesday so it will still be available for link ups each week (until or unless God says otherwise). I will likely only share a quick verse or quote along with a place to link your post. And I will not, at this time focus on featuring a post each week. Although I thoroughly enjoy reading each of the posts that link up! 

So long for who knows how long... I'm off to focus on God's best for me! 
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