Tuesday, September 3, 2013

We Are Getting A Motorcycle

The coolest thing happened a few weeks ago and I just had to share. In a personal place of wondering if God just forgot all about us, It blesses me so when I see Him show up and show off.
I feel the need to be somewhat discreet about this as those involved seemed to want to be discreet themselves, so for the sake of  confidentiality... I'll just say I was really wanting a motorcycle (and by motorcycle I do mean something quite entirely different).

So I wanted this motorcycle but it was way out of our price range. So I prayed about it and did what I could to get financing for my motorcycle and then left it in God's hands. I heard back from the "financing department", they were able to help out a little with the cost but it was still way out of our budget. When I got the news I felt a little put out. It was like God was dangling a carrot. The carrot got a little closer... close enough to smell but just out of reach all the same.
I was to let the kind lady at the financing department know what our answer would be. I got it into my head that maybe God wasn't done yet, perhaps I should give him one more chance. I Iet God know what the plan was. This was Tuesday, I would give Him until Thursday to provide the rest of what we needed. And then  I did what any mature, woman of faith would do, I started going over our finances. I looked, I tried to move things around. Maybe if we could pay this here instead of there. What if we got rid of that.

I wanted this motorcycle so much!

It would be a good thing for our family. We would all benefit. Thursday came, nobody had shown up at our door with a big fat check, I had not accidently stumbled across a winning lottery ticket...nothing! It occurred to me, I was putting God in a box. It wasn't fair for me to give Him such a short time frame to work in. He could have until Monday to work His miracle, and I told him so.

It was a pleasant weekend, uneventful in that I did not win the Publisher's Clearing House Sweepstakes, but a fine weekend just the same. It kind of made Monday seem like a great big non event, which led me to courteously extend God's deadline a few more days. By this point even I was not slow enough to mistake what was really going on here. I wasn't giving God more time. I was simply holding off because once I told the motorcycle dealership we just couldn't afford the bike, they were going to let somebody else have it. I wasn't ready to let it go.
Then, suddenly it was Wednesday, the day of  God's third deadline. It was this day that I clearly heard God say, "just send the email already and let ME be in control of what happens! If I am going to do something it's going to be on my terms, not yours!" He's usually a lot nicer when He talks to me, I think He may have been a little put out. I gritted my teeth, sent the email and was very, very sad.

A few hours later the phone rang, it was the dealership. The sweet lady on the other end said, "Sarah something happened and I think it was a God thing! Somebody came in to my office today and asked if anybody needed help getting a motorcycle. They wanted to give xx number of dollars to help somebody out. Since I got your email today I thought of you." The amount they wanted to give took care of a large percentage of the cost of the bike. Making it much more manageable for us! And just like that, we were getting our motorcycle!

I have not seen God do this kind of thing for us in awhile! It was his love for us at work, finding a way to bless our life and our family. Even as I had tried to go around Him, tell Him how to work, He was still planning to provide. Instead of punishing me for stubbornness he used it to show His awesomeness!
Again, I cannot stress this enough, because my mom is one of my most faithful readers and I love my mom and do so want her to continue speaking to us. We are not really getting a motorcycle. But God is awesome! And I am getting the desire of my heart! 
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