Thursday, March 6, 2014

A Sight to See

I did something incredibly stupid today. I am talking palm to forehead what was I thinking S.T.U.P.I.D. I went to the grocery store, right after school got out, by myself, with all four kids!!!!! Pulling into the parking lot, I thought it. Crossing the street, I thought it. Walking through those double glass doors, the thought was overwhelming me... What the HECK was I thinking!

Thank you HEB for the awesome two person car carts complete with movable steering wheels! Obviously the brilliant mind that thought that up has multiple young children! Thank you HEBuddy, you give my kids something to look forward to, with your buddy bucks and little yellow stickers!

I feel like I am always a spectacle when I go out alone with my children. Before we went to the store I had taken all four kids to the eye doctor. My oldest had an appointment. I took everyone out of school early and we crammed into a tiny little exam room. I got the following comments,

"Oh you brought the whole crew this time!"
"You've got your hands full!"

#1 I've got four kids, we are one of those strange middle class families where the dad goes off to work every week day, and my kid's teachers never offer to watch my children for an extra few hours after school if I need to run some errands... So yep, pretty much. I brought the whole crew!

#2 Actually my hands were empty, not one thing was in my hands. Hands... Empty!

But the real fun came when I pushed an over sized green car shaped grocery cart full of a 4 year old and 6 year old - whose combined weight very nearly matches my own. A beautiful young 4th grader was on my left, only a mere 10 inches shorter than me. A handsome 2nd grader, who came up with 49 different ways to wear a scarf during our hour long trek through the store, not one of them traditional scarf drapering, was on my right. And yes, only 6 inches of my 4 feet 10 inch self was visible over the adorable heads of our cart "drivers".

I adore my kids, they are well behaved(ish) most of the time. They are super sweet, love to serve, and are hilarious! What they are NOT is quiet! I am in love with each and every one of their personalities - and personalities they have in abundance! Those fantastic personalities were on display for all to see while we shopped. We got all the looks. The curious look, older sister, or tiny mother?? The good grief look, clearly she missed the sex ed talk that focused on birth control. The wide eyed kindred spirit look from other mothers with children hanging out of every end of their cart, we will come through this alive. If we truly believe it it will happen. We also got lots of smiles, plenty of people stopping to strike up a conversation with one of the kids, and then there was the saviour of the hour who was giving out free samples. After asking if they had just gotten out of school this angel handed out seconds and thirds, stating that her kids were always starving when they got home from school and so these four surely were famished. She ignored every single one of my protests and fed my kids well.

Heading back to the cold section... again, I was answering silly questions, listening to nonsense jokes, and hearing the latest in fourth grade gossip and I thought, "goodness I love this!" I loved having babies. I miss having babies! But this, this stage is awesome! We were a sight to see. Surely everyone got an earful! I got a heartful, and I don't know about the rest of the customers at main street HEB but we had a blast!

From left to right: Husband (who works), Beautiful 4th grader, Adorable 6 year old,
Handsome 2nd grader, Adorable 4 year old, Short mom with a full heart!

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  1. I do not know how many years it was that I was asked, "are those your little brothers and sisters?"...Its fun!


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