Wednesday, March 26, 2014

Waiting on God...For FOREVER!

We all find ourselves in the position of waiting from time to time. In my opinion waiting on the Lord is the hardest of these moments. When I am waiting on my kids to put on their shoes, unload their part of the dishwasher, get in bed, I can watch, I see them drawing closer and closer to the end result. We often times do not see God at work until He is done. In fact the process He goes through to get there is many times excruciating. You feel you are being pulled further away from what you have asked for. I was talking to a friend about this the other day. We had talked about some of the great men of faith in the bible who had to wait many years, experiencing things that looked nothing like what God had promised. Soon after this conversation my friend sent me this

If you know your bible even a little bit you know this is true. 

I am not a patient person. I want what I want, preferably before I ask, but if absolutely necessary I'll take it within a minute or two of making my request.

Nearly a year ago, when asking God for deliverance from something He brought to mind Lamentations 3:26

"It is good to wait quietly for the Salvation of the Lord."
Not my favorite thing to do, this waiting. For once in my life I thought, "ok, I can do this." I'd rather some immediate results but at least it was something. God had given me a word to cling to regarding my situation. So I spent my year doing just that, waiting. JUST that, only that. I sat idly by and waited.

Today another dear friend shared this day's devotion from Sarah Young's Jesus Calling:

Waiting on Me means directing your attention to Me in hopeful anticipation of what I will do.... Waiting on Me is the way I designed you to live... I created you to stay conscious of Me as you go about your daily duties.
The scripture reference that went along with this devotion was none other than Lamentations 3:26...and 24 and 25. Why I had not taken the time to sit down and read the context of the verse I have been leaning on for a year probably speaks to my laziness. It is right there though, in verse 25:
The Lord is good to those whose hope is in him, to the one who seeks him. 
Immediately after this is my verse, it is good to wait quietly for the Salvation of the Lord. 

God does not ask us to wait because He is busy and will get to us when He has time. He has not asked us to take a number. He is asking us to not take the situation into our own hands. We are to leave it alone and while He does His thing we are freed up to seek him. To seek first the kingdom of God and His righteousness. And then all these things... the things we are waiting on will be taken care of by Him. (Matthew 6:33)

It's possible that I have wasted a year of my life. Fortunately for me His mercies are new every morning, this year, last year, next year. (Lamentations 3:22-23)

If you are waiting on God, take heart! He will deliver. You are free from the burden of fretting over it, incidentally freed up to seek Him and seek His kingdom!

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  1. God must be speaking today thru Lam: 3...this is the third time today I have received this scripture...must be important!!!

  2. I use to be a utterly impatient human...No one moved fast enough for me. I wanted what I wanted immediately! So God had a work to do! In the past few months I have gone over in my thoughts, exactly when and where, I had become so patient. However, it happened I have gone from darkness to light in the area of patience. It is not hard for me anymore and I am thankful. In being a widow, you have to wait on everything, nothing comes quickly. If I want my computer worked on, I have to wait until one of my sons comes by..If I want a curtain hung or ceiling light changed, I have to wait until a tall person comes by...I would be in the pit of despair at this time of my life, If I had not learned this over the years. It must have snuck up on me, for I certainly did not have in my childhood, nor as a young woman. So, just wait because James says "the trying of your faith works patience." It will come somewhere along that path of waiting and with it the stresses of life are abandoned and life becomes a little sweeter as you stop and smell the roses. It is a lot more pleasant in my life now. I do not even have to try to have is just there!


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