Monday, April 21, 2014

I Am Already a Little Lady, Think I'll Just Embrace The Old

My life this month reads something like an 80 year old woman's. 

Last week, an appointment with my Rheumatologist. 

This week an appointment with my Neurologist. 

A consult with my rheumatologist to get orders for my upcoming appointment with my Cardiologist. 

Endless trips to the pharmacy to pick up medication, sort out medication mix ups and then more trips, to pick up more medications. 

Early bed times, early dinners...

Checking for fiber in my cereal. 

It's like I took a ski lift up the hill and then just took a crashing roll down the other side. 

I think I am going to just give it up, give in, turn on The Price Is Right and call it done. 

I wonder if my kids would mind if I start picking them up from the bus stop in my housecoat and slippers?! ;)


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  1. what I want to know is have any of them found a cure for your nuttiness? LOL. Just kidding - love it when you write a light hearted one. I know you don't always feel it on the not so good days but that sense of humor is a medicine of itself.


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