Tuesday, April 22, 2014

Watch Them Watch You

I am going to get straight to the point! 

I have seen a very simple truth these past few months. My children love because we love, period. It is just that simple. Sure they are getting older and forming relationships of their own - teachers, friends. But from the beginning we have modeled love and respect, they watched, they mimicked and they loved, unconditionally because we did.

I greet my parents with a joyful hug when I see them. I love my parents, I respect them and I demonstrate that. So, since the beginning of their lives my children have had that same kind of love for them. Jarrod loves and serves me. They see that and they respond in a similar manner. Breakfasts in bed, notes around the house, a patient tone of voice, etc.

My relationship with the Lord lately has been, shall we say, lacking. And I have watched as, slowly but surely, my kid's own precious friendship with Him has unraveled. In the past we could not go but a few minutes without talking to or about Jesus - in the car, in the kitchen. He was our friend, a vital part of our family and it made more since to include him in conversations than not to. Sadly He has been suspiciously absent from all of our lives for the past few months. I keep thinking, I'll get back to where I was someday. There have even been a couple of half hearted attempts. But really I have been under the impression that it is only affecting me. 

Parents, be not deceived. I know you know they are watching. I know you have heard they will do what you do, not what you say. 

But FOR REAL!!!!! They are watching, EVERYTHING! They are listening, to EVERYTHING!! Where are you at? This will likely be where they are at. Are you in the word? Are you praying without ceasing? Is Jesus the main topic of conversation? Hopefully that is the case, keep up the good work and pray for me that I'll do a little better! 


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  1. I so agree and furthermore I don't think it stops when your kids are grown either. I think they still tend to follow what you do and in the same ways. I think y'all suffer the circumstances when we fall short in our relationship with the Lord and y'all are blessed when our relationship grows stronger. Isn't that strange - I think it must be one of God's principles.


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