Tuesday, April 15, 2014

What Will Your Snapshot Look Like?

I got paid a pretty big compliment yesterday. It was like the best kind of compliment. Really I feel like I received some sort of trophy and am standing up here on my podium looking down on all the little people! 

Bahahahaha!!!! Like I know what it's like to look down on people (In case you don't know I am 4'10".) My kids barely qualify to me as little people. 

Seriously, even when my kids were babies I felt like a little 7 year old apprehensively being handed a baby to hold for just a moment. 

My babies never fell asleep on my shoulder. Rarely did any of my 4 kids even fall asleep in my arms. I am sure it was just not comfortable nor did it feel like a secure place to them. I couldn't even cradle a new born in one arm. Most newborns come out longer than one of my arms.

This is Hannah, my youngest, at 4 weeks old. Like, for real, you can' tell me that does not look like a little kid getting to hold a baby. 

Ok, now I am going way off subject. Here is how this awesome compliment came to be. Through a texting conversation with my sister-in-law, Laurel.

Me: And an hour later we are leaving office max. Think I will just go home. 
And then after I realized that message had not been sent to my husband, it's intended destination, I texted Laurel back and said. 

Me: That was meant for Jarrod...but you're welcome for the unnecessary info. ;)
Laurel: LOL
 Me: Apparently it takes an hour to print 4 pieces of paper when you take a 4 year old with you!
Laurel: Was it at least an interesting hour of printing?  
Me: More like 45 minutes of going to the bathroom and then taking stuffed Mickey Mouse to the bathroom, wiping his rear and all. Then lathering, rinsing, and drying both sets of hands. Followed by 4 seconds of printing. Followed by 14 minutes of stopping to ask for EVERYTHING we passed on the way from the printer to the register. Followed by 56 seconds of paying. ALWAYS interesting when Hannah is around! 
 Laurel: Lol!!! Well, at least Mickey is learning good bathroom hygiene! Lol! You're such a great mom! You've got 4 very blessed kids! 
See me up there on my podium, trophy in hand? Don't I look proud?
Me: I have to admit, I did a great job faking patience! It was suppose to be a quick run in run out trip to print stuff to register Hannah for Pre-K. After an hour there we didn't make it to the school. 
Oh the joys of chronic illness, some days 1 errand is plenty!!! 
Laurel: For what it's worth...I think you did the right thing today. Years from now, Hannah won't remember (or care) that she wasn't registered for Pre-K today. But she will look back and remember the times you invested in HER HEART. Which is what you did! 
And that is why my SIL is so wise, and so right. 

Those were kind of my thoughts when I gave Hannah permission to get some toilet paper to wipe a stuffed Mickey. And as I waited quietly for she and Mickey to wash up, dry off and slowly make their way out of the bathroom. 

Not because I am a great mother, in fact I am making up for a lot of lost time. 

I have been making a lot of attempts to slow down, relax, and let my kids enjoy being kids. Some days are not conducive to that. Like today as we flew through Wal Mart after picking Hannah up from Mother's Day Out and before time to pick the big kids up from school. 

But yesterday we did not HAVE to be somewhere. Sure I had an agenda, but it was much less important than a lovely little 4 year old getting to nurture her favorite Mickey Mouse friend. 

Maybe she will remember it one day, maybe she won't. But at some point, one of these memories she is making will stick. I want there to be a good chance that it's a fond one. 

I have come a long way in my 9 years of being a mommy. Yes, I have a long way to go still. 

I am done trying to keep everything in perfect order. I am done with rigid schedules for the sake of having a rigid schedule. 

I want kids that mind, I want kids that do what I ask when I ask. But I am trying to listen to what they are asking for as well. They don't always make it as clear as I do. I have to pay a lot more attention. But when I hear, and I do comply, we both have a beautiful snapshot that might just last a life time. 

I can't think of a single schedule I've ever written that I will look back at in years to come and smile!


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