Wednesday, April 15, 2015

Your Best Is Good Enough

Pressure cookers, do you remember those, does anybody even still use them? I feel like this is the world we live in. A big vat of stresses, bubbling and boiling, adding more and more pressure until there is nothing left of us but a big pot of mushed stew.

Sadly I don't believe this is just our world anymore but the place our children are finding themselves in as well. As the public school system becomes less about education and more about preparation for a standardized test there is very nearly a demand for high scores. Outside of the classroom, in all of their extra curricular activities, and sometimes even within our homes, it is quite literally all around them. Whether it is perceived on our children's part or not they think they have to perform perfectly for coaches and teachers. They feel the need to outshine the competition, best a friend, prove their worth to an enemy. 

I hope my own children learn soon to be comfortable with one very important thing, something they will always have at their disposal and the one thing I do expect from them, their absolute best...that there is honor in this, that they can take pride in this, that nobody, no matter the end result, can take this from them!

Your best, is a rule in our home! It is also our mantra, one our kids may even tire of hearing, but I feel, cannot be repeated enough. When one of our children comes home disappointed after an athletic competition or with test results they are not pleased with (or a teacher is not pleased with) whether it is a 45 or a 95, we always ask, "did you try your best?" If their answer is yes we assure them that that is good enough and we are very proud. I have recently realized the importance of taking this same course when they are excited about their accomplishments. I want them to understand, our pride is not wrapped up in their success but in them committing all they can to whatever they do. That, is all any of us can do and it should always be good enough!

Your Children's best is good enough. Your best as a parent, is good enough. Your best as an employee, is good enough. Your best as a wife or husband, is good enough. Your best as a daughter or son, is good enough. Your best is all you have got, once you have given that there is no need for more. Have you done your best? Then that is good enough!


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