Friday, October 2, 2015

My Big Fat Nothing Day

Yesterday was everything I was hoping it would be! A big fat nothing! When I have free time I try to use it wisely. If I have had a lot going on or any kind of busyness coming up I play catch up on my rest. So this morning I dropped my kids off at school early, because apparently the school cafeteria's breakfast options are superior to my fine culinary act of setting a bag of cereal out on the kitchen table. They opted to have breakfast at school.

I stopped at my favorite donut shop. It always speeds things along when the drive thru attendant has your order memorized. That is of course the ONLY reason I stop there, really... I swear!

Got home, climbed into bed, buried my head under the covers and ate my donuts in shame.

I looked for something to watch on television, quickly realized I have way too many options for television viewing, settled on something mind numbing and watched for hours. I ate some lunch, this time proudly out from under the covers - not everything I put into my body is crap, watched some more trash on the tube until time to pick up the kids.

I then listened to children talk over each other for the next 30 minutes trying my best to sort out approximately 15 separate stories between them in order to respond appropriately to each one. "MmmHmm, Oh really?, I'm so sorry sweetie, Way to go buddy, She said what?, You did what?, You left your homework at school again?" You know, the usual responses.

We waited for one of the kid's friends to get here for a short play date. I quickly slipped into fun, super chill mom mode that I only reserve for company. I helped with homework, signed Lord knows how many notes, folders, and permission slips. I pretended I was a rock star while I did this, thanking my fans, smiling and winking as I scribbled my name - this always livens things up a bit. I started dinner, and loaded the dishwasher. By that time Jarrod was home. I sat down on the bed to visit with him and was sound asleep before 7 O'Clock. Seriously I am like a newborn baby, worn out after having Exerted energy for 4 hours.  It's a rough life, but I feel like I live it well!

Honestly though, making it work best for your family, that's really what it's all about, right?! No matter what the circumstances you just do what you gotta do and try to make the most of it. My family rolls with things better than anybody I know. I am super grateful for that!

(just think, if I would skip the donuts I could change the title to My Nothing Day)



  1. Oooooooh a nothing day! I had one of those.... once.

    Fun post ;o)

    1. Haha Jen! "Once", bless your heart. I am very fortunate right now. I get lots of these, a fabulous family and circumstances have allowed for some good rest days! 😊


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