Thursday, October 1, 2015

The Graduate

Yesterday I graduated from Physical Therapy. Which I did not see coming. I started going to PT at the beginning of the summer because I had horrific neck pain and major back pain. In just a few short weeks I went from taking 2 muscle relaxers a day - because that was the most I could take unless I woke up in the middle of the night to take one...and I like sleep more than I like feeling comfortable - to taking no muscle relaxers. My physical therapists were my new best friends. We began having sleepovers, braiding each other's hair, giggling and gossiping. Ok, that was just in my vivid imagination. In reality I continued to see them twice a week and they began working on other areas of my ever crumbling body while continuing to tweak my neck here and there. I really did giggle with my female therapists...a lot. But the male therapist, head therapist, boss man, took over with me because, wouldn't you know it I need that much help. Shocker!

Today Mr. Boss Man announced that he believed I was ready to manage things myself. I felt stunned, rattled, slightly betrayed. It was like the time a nurse walked into my hospital room and had the gall to tell us it was time to take our new baby home. We were idiots, I barely remembered to put deodorant on before leaving the house and I locked my keys in my car at least once a week. We had only managed to keep fish living for 2 weeks. How were we going to keep a baby alive?

So I am now therapist free. The advice he left me with was to continue working on my posture. Posture was something we worked on a lot. That is after we overcame the hurdle of maintaining good posture while sitting when your feet do not even reach the floor. This is apparently not something he had come across too many times before. Another thing he mentioned, which I thought was smart stuff, he said with the pain that accompanies my autoimmune issues it is easy to chalk all pain up to that. He said, dig deeper, make sure you know the reason for the problem. There are plenty of things I have no control over, hello chronic illness. SO I need to take care of as many things that I can that I do have control over and be careful not to just assume every "symptom" is being caused by my diseases. Good advise!

I might have a little pity party over being dumped by my therapist, you are all invited to join me...only it'll have to be virtual because, DANG, my house is dirty!!!! But then I will smile because being minus one therapist means I am getting that much better...healthier! Thanks Boss Man!




    Choose the one most appropriate for the moment. LOL love you

  2. Glad to see you're blogging again. I need some sermon material. Thanks! And I agree with the "healthier" comment.


    1. Not sure I left you with any good sermon material on this one...I'll try again soon! At the very least I did leave you with plenty of grammatical errors to correct, you're welcome!

  3. Congratulations ;) I am getting prepared to graduate soon myself.

  4. The real secret is that therapists don't really like when our patients leave forever. We work, pray over, giggle, and even sometimes worry about our people. You should go flaunt your good posture there sometime In the future. They'll probably miss you too.


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