About Me

I am a stay at home mom of 4 very awesome kids.
Ages 6 (girl), 8 (boy), 10 (boy), and 11(girl). They are a blast and a blessing. 

I have been very happily married for 12 years to the best guy I know. He is absolutely dreamy!

I have also lived for the past 3 years with 2 connective tissue diseases that have worked hard to take over my life. But, I'm pretty stubborn. I try very hard to remain upbeat and positive and do the very best I can with this new life I have.

I seem to be a constant work in progress. God, thankfully, has not given up on me yet. One of the biggest ways He speaks to me is through writing. (I figure it's because He knows how much I like the sound of my own voice, even when it's just in my head.) This blog is often times a record of the crazy journey He is taking me on. (Other times it's just random nonsense.)

What I struggle to say with my lips I can so easily express with my fingertips on a keyboard. For me writing is kinder than personal confrontation, cheaper than therapy, and less humiliating than attempting stand up comedy!

Thanks for visiting. Please come back again!